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Discipleship Made for This Season

If there is anything the last year has taught us it’s that community is so important. Whether you’re worshipping on campus or online, we want everyone at Eastminster to be able to find community and be discipled. There are many existing Grow Groups to choose from, including different topics and meeting times. Or, form your own group! We believe “three is enough,” so grab a minimum of three friends and create the group that’s right for you. Or, our staff can help you join a group. Let us know your plan for discipleship using the form below.

Grow Groups

• You can expect the same strong teaching and study in these mostly on-campus groups.
• They continue valuable community for groups who have been meeting previously.
• Offer safe, on-campus meeting spaces which are clean and allow for social distancing, along with child care for many groups.
• These groups offer an array of topics and learning opportunities for many interests.

Form a New Group

• Group size: Minimum of three couples/individuals, though you could have more.
• Goal: To meet regularly, perhaps over a meal or coffee, or in a home, to share and pray together. Each participant answers these three questions:
• What are you learning?
• How can I pray for you?
• What will you do for the sake of another this week?

More on Discipleship

One of our values at Eastminster is “I do life with others who point me to Jesus.” The church’s closure last spring signaled to our leadership that we needed to rethink church offerings and discipleship methods to meet an ever-changing world. Currently, most of our Grow Groups center on gathering within the church building. Now is the time for a fresh approach to discipleship that allows people to maintain community despite any closures or health concerns. We know many in our church family are worshipping via Church Online, and we want to provide an opportunity to be discipled whether or not you come to campus. So for the time being, we will continue to offer existing Grow Groups, and additionally encourage anyone not in a Grow Group or unable to come to campus to form a group for community and discipleship.


Principles for Community

We believe if a group of at least three (couples or individuals) are involved in each other’s daily faith walk, then discipleship is being done…a group of three is enough! If you form or join a new community group, three units is the minimum, but it could be a few more if you choose. We hope these will be close-knit groups discipling one another in the everyday rhythms of life. The goal is that everyone at Eastminster is a part of a group of some kind.

Interested in groups? Let us know!

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