Stan Van Den Berg - January 20, 2019


Taking the Land

Joshua was born as a slave in Egypt and witnessed all the great miracles that took place there. He became Moses’ aide during the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt and was named to succeed Moses when he was 80 years old! Joshua was called to lead at an age when most of us just want to call it quits, but Joshua was given strength for his task because it was God who called him to the task. Eastminster on it’s best day gives itself away to the city and the world. God calls his servants to serve with godly leadership. We must always move to what God has for us, even if it’s more than we think we can do. It can be a stretch of our faith or cost us something, but the rewards are greater than we could ever imagine!

Scripture References: Joshua 1:1-3

From Series: "Taking the Land"

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