Thursday Nights

Sacred-Modern Worship with Communion

6:30 p.m. in the Student Center 

Thursdays at Eastminster are designed to be a casual environment where we gather for worship, prayer, teaching from the Word and Communion. This gathering is uniquely blends more ancient, sacred practices with a modern style that’s relevant to life today. Whether you come from a church background or are just starting to explore faith, you’re welcome here. We hope Thursday nights are a safe space to learn about Jesus, sing and pray together, and most of all build community. You belong here!


Who Are Thursday Nights For?

Everyone! No matter your background or life stage, you’re welcome here. We hope this gathering will be intergenerational as we learn from Jesus together. We like to think of Thursday nights as a “family style” service because we literally meet around a Communion table, much like having dinner with close friends. We also hope college students and young adults will especially find community here.

What Is the Music Like?

We describe our style of music as “sacred-modern” which means it’s modern in style (think your favorite stripped-down acoustic show) but sacred in its depth of language and meaning. Joseph Wimer leads us in worship, along with Jenny Garrett and other guests, and we sing everything from old hymns to modern worship songs, as well as spend time in prayer and meditation, listening for the leading of the Spirit as we worship Jesus.

Why Communion?

Communion is an important and meaningful ritual that’s part of being a follower of Jesus, and we’ll take it weekly on Thursdays. At the table of Communion we’re reminded both of the depth of our sinfulness and the incomparable grace we have received through his sacrifice. It is the symbolic remembrance of his blood shed and his body broken for us. Anyone who calls Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior is welcome to take Communion, which will be served by intinction (this simply means each person will come to the table and tear a small piece of bread from a loaf and dip it in juice). If you’re not a follower of Jesus, you’re welcome to spend time in personal reflection and prayer during the Communion time.

Who Will Speak?

Every week there is a message from one of our staff members. Most often Matt Jaderston, Ben Marquez and Mike Jaderston speak, though some weeks our ordained pastors (Stan, Joe, Mike and Hank)  preach. The theme and Scripture text are the same as what is shared during our Sunday services, though each speaker has a unique way of delivering the message. We hope to grow together as we study God’s Word.

What About Kids?

There is child care for ages 0 – Pre-K in the lobby of the Student Center. Older children are welcome to remain in the service with their families. We hope this is a casual space where people of all ages feel welcomed and engaged.


Sacred-Modern Worship

Family-Style Gathering

You Belong Here

In this podcast-style discussion, Mike, Ben, Matt and Joseph break down why we’re launching a Thursday night service, and take you behind the scenes on how we got here, ways we’ve seen God show up and even some theological nuggets about worship, culture and more. Feel free to watch, or just turn it on in the background and listen like a podcast.

Contact Us

1958 N Webb Road
Wichita, KS 67206

(316) 634.0337


Contact Us

1958 N Webb Road
Wichita, KS 67206

(316) 634-0337