Spain Update #1: Stories & the Spirit

Hi friends,
I’m so excited to be writing you from Spain! First, I want to say a huge heartfelt thank you for all your prayers. We have felt the support and are incredibly grateful.

After arriving Saturday, our team settled into our Airbnb and attempted to shake off our jet lag. Sunday morning, we did a little sight-seeing at the breathtaking Sagrada Familia cathedral then spend time praying for the week in the garden across the street. That evening we kicked off our ministry with a church service. Leonel and Lilliana cheerfully conversed with the congregants, and Laura, Kassidy, Jordin and Hannah led kids Sunday school classes while Pastor Stan preached and Nancy shared her testimony during the service.

The small church building was filled to the brim. The staff shared that they had been advertising our visit and the turnout was to see us! Many non-believers from the community centers came. The kids’ classes were chaotic and joyful, filled with games, crafts and Bible stories. The service was a sweet time. As Pastor Stan said, “the Spirit moved.” Nancy began by sharing about one of her Wichita State students, an immigrant from Egypt. The story about being a vessel of God’s love to a foreigner clearly touched the immigrant congregation, especially the women, who were clearly engaged and nodding along. Pastor Stan then preached about desperate times and concluded by offering prayer for any in need. Starting as a trickle, the group grew as Pastor Stan spent the next hour praying for various congregants.

Yesterday (Monday) we taught English classes and an art club at one of the community centers. Sitting at the back of the room during the first class, I watched the 6-9 year olds gleefully call out the names of the stuffed animals Laura held up as she taught them about Noah’s ark. The kids literally bounced up from the edge of their seats at every giraffe, zebra or lion. These community centers are more than a place to learn English. They are a place of safety and love. A place mothers feel comfortable leaving their children. A place to share God’s heart for the least of these.

We have a full week ahead of us. Please pray for humility, wisdom and deep love for the people we serve.
Hannah Roberts and the Spain Team