Resources for Entering Lent

by Joseph Wimer
This coming Sunday is the first Sunday in the season of Lent, and in all three services we will be receiving new members into the Eastminster service. Quite appropriately, Pastor Stan will be preaching on the significance of renewing our covenants with God. Repentance and reprioritizing are inseparable components for inhabiting this season and for declaring our allegiance to Christ alone.
As we approach Sunday, reflect on this beautiful song from Young Oceans, allowing it to give words to the longing of your own soul for the presence of God, crying out for his glory to be revealed, and declaring our allegiance to him alone.

Although Ash Wednesday was yesterday, it is not too late to discern what surrender and repentance might look like for you in this season. Here are some soundtracks and books that will accompany me in this season!




Joseph Wimer is the Associate Director of College Outreach and Worship Leader at Eastminster Church in Wichita, KS