Nebraska: Day 3

Hello from Avery! Today we went back to the house we were at yesterday and finished up some yard work. We had a few encounters with snakes and worms while working on a number of projects, from chopping down trees and chipping them up, to clearing out the flower beds around the house. There were no injuries except a small cut on Grant’s hand. Even if you weren’t working, the girls, Esme and Luciana, kept us entertained, especially Luciana as she was taking pictures of us. Pastor McDonald of Avery Presbyterian Church kindly bought us donuts and refreshments which afforded us a much-needed break. Cleaning the house gave us a chance to bond with the Avery volunteers and the team is very grateful to have gotten the chance to help the family and get to know all the wonderful people who have helped us from the church.

After finishing up at the house, we went to Quick Bites, which is a local “soul food” restaurant. As an appetizer, we ordered fried chicken gizzards, which were very interesting. Andy absolutely “loved” the chicken gizzards and would like some as a welcome home present (or alternatively, give them to Matt or Isaac, who absolutely loved them!). Various bonding activities occurred while waiting for the food. The food was amazing and the word “Cajun” is not to be taken lightly! Some team members may have lost some taste buds due to the intense seasoning. In all seriousness though, the food was truly excellent and we might pick up some of their breakfast items tomorrow.

Today was unfortunately the final VBS of the week. We taught the kids about being fishers of men. Everything ran smoothly and the kids enjoyed themselves. It was slightly windy making the crafts just a little bit harder but everything worked out and the kids were just as adaptable as we were. Before and after the VBS, an Eastminster/Avery volunteers vs campers soccer game occurred. Both sides gave each other a run for their money and we kept it interesting. At the end of the evening we gave the kids the soccer balls we brought, which they were ecstatic about. The Avery church team was as always very helpful and constantly cheerful, and we appreciate their service as they were a key part in making sure everything ran smoothly. The week as a whole was fun, exciting, and a great learning experience for us and the kids.

Finally, an update on our off-hours activities:

So, yesterday was the start of … something. During our siesta hours, the girls may have banged some pots and pans and woken up the boys, but the boys weren’t phased. The girls didn’t feel like that was enough, so today they put a speaker in the boys room and started playing a trap remix of the classic song “Baby Shark.” In retaliation, the boys deflated the girls’ air mattresses. The girls, overthinking everything as always, came up with hundreds of ideas to get payback, but settled on wrapping the boys’ phone chargers in Saran Wrap. The boys noticed immediately and wanted them back, though little did they know they would be getting a giant Saran Wrap ball. Unfortunately, they made quick work of it, and were again largely un-phased. We’ve settled for the night but the girls are on high alert waiting for the boys to get their revenge.

Love from Nebraska,
Lily Ebright and the Avery Team