Greece Update #9

Tears dripped down onto the steps of the little chapel. A woman had just found out her daughter-in-law had cancer. A small community of believers huddled around her, laying hands on her and offering prayers.

Mosquitos bit my legs as a global worker poured out his heart and concern for his son who was suffering the residual pain and suffering of being bullied. The father stressed over the financial burden from the new expense of having to transfer his son out of country to attend a boarding school and the psychological struggle this brought to his younger daughter. I sat on the park bench as the moon rose and just listened as he bared his soul. I prayed for him in his heartache.

Prayers from global workers of pain from spouses being separated because of visa issues, praises of grandchildren being born, fears of their country of service being dragged into war and confusion of what next steps in ministry should be all rose to the throne of God. 

These were some of the humbling stories from prayer ministry this week.

Pastor Ken & the Greece Team