Greece Update #7

Today we took a break from the classroom for an excursion to the historic city of Corinth!

We had a brief stop at the isthmus (literally meaning “neck”), where a canal had been dug. Over the bridge we were able to view ships sailing through the canal. There were also bungee jumpers at that locations. Thankfully, no one on our tour chose to engage in that activity!

The city of Corinth was fascinating. Not only was it a privilege to walk where the apostle Paul had trod, but simply to view the ancient ruins of that civilization and the culture they possessed was a priceless experience. From columns to statues to ancient medical facilities on site, this tour gave us a variety of insights. Yes, it was HOT! Our tour guide was good about giving us shade for the longer discussions about history. After the formal portion of the tour was over, we were given free time to go into the town where stores and restaurants were located to have some down time.

At the end of the day, prior to returning, we went to the center of the amphitheater where Paul addressed charges levied against him, and we reviewed the story of the official Gallo, who was indifferent to these accusations. Todd was particularly interested in the field where he purported Paul had played soccer. Yeah, right…
All in all, this was a great day to refuel and prepare us for a strong finish. All right, now back to work.