Greece Update #10

Today was the day we faced with simultaneous relief and sorrow, our last day of the program. The relationships the third culture kids (TCK’s) have formed and deepened with each other and with us made this day a difficult one in many ways.

For the 11-13 year old class, we looked at I Corinthians 12:12-27, focusing on the body of Christ and how we are all members of it. Looking at the makeup of our class and the array of cultures, personalities, races and backgrounds represented, this was a fairly straightforward concept to present to the students. We can only imagine the gifts, talents and energies these kids will contribute to the body of Christ as they mature and develop. This passage was also particularly relevant given our recent excursion to Corinth. We then looked at forming relationships and the inherent challenges TCK’s face when moving from location to location and how to connect with others in meaningful ways.

The 6-10 year old crew focused on Psalm 139, and how we are fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator, who hems us in and holds us close no matter where we go. Our story time was Max Lucado’s “You Are Special,” and these kids surely are. One last time we played together in the kids pool and chatted about where we’re headed next. One little girl teared up, prompting another to ask if she was okay. Turns out she just got hit by the realization that she wouldn’t get to play with these friends again for several years.

That afternoon, we had a talent show, where both adults and kids performed for the group, ranging from singing, playing instruments, gymnastics, presenting written short stories, jokes and even stunts like a wife throwing candy across the auditorium into the mouth of her husband. Tim performed a pair of amazing original songs on his guitar, then also joined the impromptu group “The Fabulous Humble Boys” for a few singalong favorites. After a more conventional time of worship, we met on the beach after dinner for an unplugged worship time against the backdrop of a Greek sunset. It was truly magical and drew the attention of many beachgoers.

All in all, it was a fitting end to a glorious week, exhausting yet exhilarating. Saying our goodbyes was particularly poignant considering the fact that if we see these global workers or TCK’s again, it will likely be several years from now. Regardless, now that we have made these connections, we have given the families of these kids our contact information and hope to stay in touch. In any event, we are now more appreciative of their work and the sacrifices these families have made in service of Christ.

Greece Team