How Reformation Thought Transformed Church and Culture and Changed the Western World

Nov 12, 2017

When the Lord commands you to be anxious for nothing, and to rejoice in Him always, He says “You can’t do it unless I’ve already done it.” If you try to add to it, you’re off.  You’re getting colder.  He says “Come back to the Gospel. I did it. I want you to know I did it.  I want you to know I love you. And I want you to know I have now deputized you to spend the rest of your life responding to this gift with gratitude.  Do good works.  Do all kinds of things out of gratitude, not out of trying to earn my love, God forbid, but out of gratitude for the fact that you could never earn my love because I already gave it to you two thousand years ago.  Will you accept that?

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