Missional Moms

May 14, 2017

Some of you came here with mom today.  Mom likes it when you come to church.  She likes it when the family is together.  And she likes it when you’re in church.  It’s because she knows Jesus.  And she loves Jesus.  Maybe your mom hasn’t been a perfect mom, no mom is.  But your mom has had times of trouble and Jesus saw her through it.  There have been times of fear, and Jesus gave her comfort.  There’s an assurance of eternal life because mom knows that her sins are forgiven in Jesus.  You’re here, and she wants you here, because she wants you to know the hope she has found in Jesus.  And she wants you on the other side.  So, moms, pass on the faith.  Grandmas, pass on the faith.  Young ladies who aren’t moms yet, decide “I will be a mom who passes on the faith”.  Pass on the faith to your kids.  Help us pass on the faith to our kids.  And you sons and daughters of women who know Jesus, her faith is real, it is rooted in evidence.  It has shaped their life.  And, if you accept the savior of your mother, it will transform yours, and give you faith and life eternal.

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