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March Flower Dedications

Our Sanctuary and Chapel are decorated with beautiful flowers each week during worship. These arrangements are donated by church members in honor and memory of loved ones. Thank you to our flower donors!

Call the church at 634.0337 to find out how to turn in a dedication.


March 5

Kay Burns in loving memory of her father, Calvin Burns, and brother, Scott Burns.

Mike and Lori Porter in loving memory of their grandson, Bennett Mason.


March 12

In loving memory of Don and Beth Bradley from their family.

Mark and Doris Brosz in celebration of their 24th wedding anniversary.

Chapel flowers are given by Shelley, Cory, Megan and Carly Cooper in loving memory of husband and father, Norris.


March 19

Jim Rees and son, John, in loving memory of John, Marjorie Rees, Ruthann and John E. Rees, II.

Roger and Mary Ball in loving memory of their son, Douglas Ball.

Chapel flowers are given by Nancy McBride, in memory of husband, Tarry McBride and their 62nd wedding anniversary.


March 26

Fred & Sue Berry in celebration of their 62nd wedding anniversary.



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