Our Mission

Our mission is to Glorify God. Follow Christ. Transform Lives. We do this through…



We glorify God because he is worthy of our worship. He will not be rightly worshipped unless he is known and we have experienced his grace and goodness. He is not highly exalted unless we lift high his attributes in message and song. We aim to have quality worship where God is truly exalted and worshipped with passion and awe.
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We believe we are best discipled through relationships. Jesus asked his disciples to be with him and he taught them in this context. Our goal is to have each person who calls Eastminster home be a part of a relationship-based group to encourage spiritual growth.
• Sunday Classes at 8, 9:30 and 11 a.m. >>
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Our life in Christ is most fulfilling when Christ is using us through our gifts to serve his purposes. Eastminster helps in this by equipping our members to identify their spiritual gifts, passions and wiring. We then encourage and design ministry opportunities to serve Eastminster, Wichita and the world!
• Uniquely You Spiritual Gifts Class >>
• Serve at Eastminster >>


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We are all called to GO and share the gospel, whether that’s to the end of the street or the ends of the earth. Eastminster’s mission starts with engaging our friends, neighbors and coworkers with the gospel. We focus on equipping people to be gospel-sharers as a lifestyle and provide evangelism training, as well as outreach and service opportunities. We are called to be a missional church. While we partner with many missionaries, we are not to merely support them, but also understand that the entire church is a missionary.
• Lead a missional lifestyle // Look for gospel opportunities wherever you are
• GO every five years // We expect members of Eastminster will go on a mission trip at least every five years (or help someone go if you cannot travel)
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• Serve Our Community >>


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