Escape Room Missions Fundraiser

March 9 – 10, multiple times available.

Come try out one of the most exciting new activities in Eastminster’s very own escape room! Work as a team to solve puzzles, uncover secrets and beat the clock as you try to escape a room as fast as you can. It will be fun for all ages and all funds go to supporting our youth mission trips. Reserve your spot by clicking the button below.


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Is there a minimum age?
There is no minimum age, but several of the puzzles will be hard to solve for children under 10.


How do I book my spot?
Click the button above or contact Libby at 634.0337, or


How long does this take?
About an hour - depending how quickly you can escape! You’ll be given 60 minutes to get out, but please arrive 15 minutes early so that you can be briefed on rules. 


Do I need to bring anything to the game?
Nope, just yourself.


How many people are on my team?
We have 12 spots available per room - you can either sign up for the whole room and fill the whole 12 spots or if you have fewer, you will be combined with another group so that there are 12 people in the room.


How much does this cost?
We don't require a certain amount but are asking for donations to support our youth mission trips.


Can I cancel or change my time slot?
Yes, you can, but please be considerate of others signing up  - if you change last minute then it will be harder filling that spot.


More questions? Contact Mike Jaderston at 634.0337, or

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