Senior Ministries

We are elders and deacons, Sunday school teachers and choir members. We are involved in the Wednesday night dinners, Guest Services and more. God has been faithful in our lives, and it is our desire to serve him faithfully. We have lived through wars and are grateful for our freedom. We have seen natural disaster and recovery, so we continue to have hope. We have experienced personal loss and tragedy but have also known much joy. Worship and prayer is an important part of our lives. We have been called “and appointed” to serve as seniors in the community of Eastminster.

For more info on Senior Ministries contact Ginger Cox at 634.0337, ext. 207, or

Senior's Ministry Events


Friday, October 20, noon; Fireside Room
Register on Sundays in Fellowship Hall ($10/person, checks only). Eastminster's RIOT (Refugee Immigrant Outreach Team) leader, Lynn Ward, will present on mission partner, Oaks Baptist Fellowship. She will also take donations of goldfish, cheerios,... Read More >>


December 3
Senior Ministries is hosting their annual holiday dinner. Watch for more details. Read More >>