Sunday Classes

Through June 25. No Sunday classes July 2 – August 13.

8 a.m.

Early Morning Bible Study: The Gospel of John
Janie Buchanan and Team; C-15
Dr. John Piper, author, pastor and leader of Desiring God Ministries, guides this intimate early morning study through the Gospel of John. Please join us as we walk through this series together.


9:30 a.m.

The Minor Prophets
Steve Friesen; C-11
This semester we will spend time with the Minor Prophets. God had much to say to his people in history, and the words of his chosen prophets are just as relevant for God’s people today. We hope you will join us as we learn together what God has for us!


Intimate Allies: A Class for Young Married Couples
Don and Susan Lear; C-12

Marriage is great, but it's not forever. It's until death do us part. Then come eternal rewards or regrets depending on how we spend our lives. Based on their book titled "You and Me Forever," Francis Chan joins together with his wife Lisa in a seven session Bible study to address the question many couples wonder at the altar: How do I have a great marriage? Setting aside typical topics on marriage, Francis and Lisa dive into Scripture to understand what it means to have a relationship that satisfies the deepest parts of our souls.


The Gospel of John
Chad Edwards, Billy Boyle and Ben Marquez; C-13/14
What does it mean to have life? Is it possible to live a meaningful life apart from believing in Jesus Christ? The apostle John claims to have written his gospel “so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.” (John 20:31) Please join us as we take a look at John’s account of the life of Christ and discover what it means to have life in him.


House or Home: Marriage Edition by Chip Ingram (a class for married couples of all ages)
Tommy and Becky Phelps, Chris and Aleena Grosjean; C-15
Using real life scenarios we will explore the speci c roles and gifts God has given to both men and women. It’s time to go back to God’s blueprint in the Bible for our lives and marriage. House or Home focuses on having a great marriage, raising godly kids, developing a life-giving home life, and daily becoming more like Jesus!


11 a.m.

The Reason for God

Ernie McClellan and Bob Howard; C-11 (begins March 19)
Why does God allow suffering in the world? How could a loving God send people to Hell? Why isn’t Christianity more inclusive? How can one religion be “right” and the others “wrong”? Why have so many wars been fought in the name of God? These are just a few of the questions and doubts even ardent believers wrestle with today. As the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, Timothy Keller has compiled a list of the most frequently voiced “doubts” skeptics bring to his church as well as the most important reasons for faith. And in the New York Times bestselling The Reason for God, he addresses each doubt and explains each reason. Keller uses literature, philosophy, real-life conversations, and reasoning to explain how faith in a Christian God is a soundly rational belief, held by thoughtful people of intellectual integrity with a deep compassion for those who truly want to know the truth.


Solomon and Ecclesiastes - Biblical Wisdom for a Satisfying Life
Rick Hilscher and Jeremy Rauch; C-13/14 (begins March 26)
King Solomon had it all – faith, wisdom, wealth, a God-given kingdom, thriving economy, and more creature comforts than one can imagine. He lived a long productive life and built one of the great wonders of the ancient world. What more could anyone want in life?  Join us as we explore his life and study Ecclesiastes, his end-of-life reflections about finding happiness and contentment. Rick Hilscher and Jeremy Rausch will help us explore this treasue chest of wisdom for godly living.


Aging with Grace
Alex and JoAnna Wong; C-15. Meets January 8 – February 12.
This course will explore vital factors to aging with godly grace.
• Tough shoes for a tough road: How to cope with changes, facing our emotional challenges and handling psychological stressors with grace.
• Alone but not lonely: Being encouraged by God’s promises as we age.
• The last chapter of my novel on earth: Being remembered, handling loose ends, and looking forward to my homecoming with the Lord.


On Your Mind, And In Your Heart: Aging Issues for Children and Caregivers

Alex and JoAnna Wong; C-15. Meets March 5 – April 9.
This course offers a concise, Christian approach to caring for your senior(s). We are faced with
life and relationship challenges. Using short presentations, audio-visual aids, and brief thought- provoking assignments, we will explore:

• How can I handle my role reversal with biblical compassion?
• What are my psychological and emotional duties?
• What is codependency and learned helplessness? How can I manage this with love and grace? • How to take care of yourself: managing your own family, building a Christian support team, allowing your senior(s) and your children to be team members.


The Book of Revelation
Dr. Phil Wahlbeck, Dr. Richard Spann and Ken Juell; Parlor
This year our class will journey through the Book of Revelation as we discover the glory of Jesus Christ through this magni cent vision that was given to the Apostle John while exiled on the island of Patmos. Please come and join us for a lively discussion.