Sunday Classes

August 20 – December 17

8 a.m.

Early Morning Bible Study: First Peter
Janie Buchanan and Team; C-15
Dr. John Piper, author, pastor and leader of Desiring God Ministries, guides this intimate early morning study through First Peter. Please join us as we walk through this series together.


9:30 a.m.

First and Second Samuel
Steve Friesen; C-11
Take a fresh look at the relationship of God with his people. We’ll also see how our own struggles mirror the people of Israel’s and how God addresses the challenges we face. Our group also spends time sharing requests and praying for each other. Questions? Contact


Intimate Allies: A Class for Young Married Couples

The Intimate Mystery: Creating Strength and Beauty in Your Marriage
Don and Susan Lear; C-12

What do you want out of your marriage? Do you simply want to get along and be happy? Or do you desire real intimacy – the kind of relationship that will challenge you to grow as an individual and satisfy you in a much deeper way than you have imagined? Contrary to what television and bridal magazines tell us, marriage is about much more than personal happiness. Marriage is about spiritual growth. God wants to use your marriage to shape your character and to carry out his purposes in the world through you as a couple. Questions? Contact or


First and Second Thessalonians
Chad Edwards, Billy Boyle and Ben Marquez; C-13/14
Beginning this semester Billy, Chad and Ben will begin to explore Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians. In these letters Paul spends time teaching on the “last days.” As followers of Jesus we are called to holiness. Holiness not only has the cross in the rearview mirror, but also looks forward to the future judgment of Christ in his second coming. Come and join us as we explore these books together! Questions? Contact


Marriage God’s Way: The Book of James and You and Me Forever (a class for married couples of all ages)
Tommy and Becky Phelps; C-15
Join a very social and interactive class as we study God’s Word together and apply it to modern married life. This year we will be guided by Francis Chan’s teaching as we delve into both the book of James and deepen our marriages with Chan’s series “You and Me Forever” Our goals in this class are to develop biblical marriages, enhance community, gain Christian friends and pray together with “faith that can move mountains.” Questions? Contact


11 a.m.

Why the Reformation Still Matters

Ernie McClellan and Bob Howard; C-13/14
At the 500th anniversary of the Reformation we will rediscover how biblical truth relates to today’s culture – what John Stott calls “BBC,” Balanced Biblical Christianity. Many people today reject BBC not because they think it false, but because they do not understand it and think it irrelevant. Using supplemental material from Stott, JI Packer, RC Sproul and others, we will study, discuss and apply essential principles of Reformed theology to life of the contemporary Christian. Questions? Contact or


Zealous to Confirm
Jill Grier; C-12
Together we will walk through RC Sproul’s Chosen by God and The Assurance of Salvation teaching series. Come and see how the Reformed understanding of election, predestination and assurance illuminates and transforms our relationship with Jesus, deepening our confidence in Scripture and delight in God. Questions? Contact


First Thessalonians
Dr. Phil Wahlbeck, Dr. Richard Spann and Ken Juell; Parlor
This fall we begin our time in the book of Daniel, then launch our in-depth study in 1 Thessalonians. Paul’s letters to the people living in Thessalonica will show us how much Paul loved this church, and how his encouragement to live holy lives was shaped by the second coming of the Christ.