Kristen's Fasting Story


In January 2018, we focused on 21 Days of Fasting, Prayer and Repentance as a church family. Here is Kristen's story of how fasting has impact her:

God decided that he would like me to get a jump-start on the fast that our church is doing. On November 26, 2017, God told me in the middle of the night to stop drinking alcohol for one year. I happen to really enjoy my glass of wine each night, so this seemed like a radical request from God. I wanted to obey, however, so I made a deal with God and told him that I would stop drinking until the end of 2017 – a little over a month.

Not drinking alcohol in December was very difficult as December is a concentrated time of parties! With time, however, I realized this was more of a fast. I had to say 'no' to something, and I didn't know what would replace the thing I was saying no to. However, with time, I realized that by saying 'no' to drinking, I was allowing space to say yes to other things! I went to bed earlier. I had more intentional conversations with people at parties. I prayed during those times more. There was more space for God. As a result, I feel that God has given me clear direction for next steps of my life.

I tried drinking after the new year, but God woke me up in the middle of the night again and asked me what I didn't understand about 'not drinking for one year.' I realized that God was very serious, and I made a commitment to not drink any alcohol all of 2018.

My husband, Zac and I, have also given up lunch on Sundays for the month of January to fast, pray, and repent. We sit on the couch together, open up the Bible and each read a passage, then confess and pray on our knees on the floor. This time has become precious to us as we hear God leading us. We also have replaced wine at night with healthier drinks, and we are feeling great in 2018! While fasting from something you enjoy is not fun, it has been fruitful and we are so grateful.


I would like to join the list serve

Hi Erica, if you're meaning the IASIS work days, you can sign up right here:

That’s great to hear! I also was lead to give up wine during the fast and feel like I should give it up during the new year also. Glad to hear I’m not alone. God bless you! we can be praying for each other for strength to do it!

Thanks for your comment, Jeanne! I am encouraged by your obedience! We have found the true treasure--Christ! I will be praying for you this year!! Blessings to you--Kristen Spear

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