The Impact of Holiday Food Boxes


At Thanksgiving we delivered 195 boxes of food to families in need. This story was shared by one of our partners, The Pando Initiative, about the impact these boxes can have.

"This student is completely new to Jefferson this year and was referred to me by an outside agency that we work closely with here at the school. He is one of six children and his mother is a single parent. He decided to participate in running club this year and I was a little surprised since he’s such a quiet kid, but completely blown away by his determination and work ethic in running club. One week he didn’t show up and I was worried he was losing interest. It turns out that his mom had no way of picking him up from the school because her car broke down and she had his siblings to worry about on top of that. I offered to take him home after practice, so he showed up every day! He quickly became one of my best runners. On race day, I also picked him up and he completed the race with enthusiasm. I could tell he was proud. I also signed his family up to receive a Thanksgiving meal from Eastminster Church. Since meal pick up was on race day, he came with me to pick it up. When I delivered it to his family, they were extremely appreciative and relieved that there was one less thing they had to worry about over the holidays. This kid is so hard working, honest and responsible and I’m so glad he was in running club. I’m hoping he’ll get to participate in other clubs this year."

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