A Bus for The Oaks: God Provides


By Lynn Ward (RIOT member)

Have you wondered about the Mount Vernon Presbyterian bus in our parking lot? It represents God answering prayer in a wondrous way. In August, Pastor John Ronel notified the Refugee/Immigrant Outreach Team (RIOT) that he needed another vehicle to transport his congregants to church. RIOT offered to help, but said that they wanted him to work with Steve Friesen to find the best vehicle. On Sunday, August 12, a member of RIOT notified Steve Friesen that his expert automotive services had been volunteered to Pastor Ronel. A few minutes later, Steve shared the story with his 9:30 a.m. Sunday Grow Group. One couple, Ron & Dorothy Collins, left the class early to see their son perform at Trinity Presbyterian Church. While there, they saw a flyer on a table in the foyer announcing that Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church wanted to give away their rarely-used church van. The Collins called Steve, who contacted RIOT, and by 12:30 p.m. the same day Pastor Ronel was offered the van. Instead of getting a loan and financial assistance from RIOT to get the van, God provided a van to Pastor Ronel free and clear. So, when you see the Mount Vernon van, stop and thank God for his wonderful provision.
It is exciting to see God at work in other’s situations like Pastor Ronel. Look for God's hand in your own life. It is not always this obvious, but God is ALWAYS at work to perfect the work he has begun in your life. Learn to look for it, marvel at it, and enjoy it! Let's turn Eastminster into a body of believers that truly walk by faith.

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