A Response to Charlottesville


On Thursday my son James will head to Charlottesville, VA, to continue his work as a field director and campaigner for a local politician. As a father, I want to bless my son, and call him to seek God’s face as he pursues his vocation. I also want him to know, along with my three other children, that what happened in Charlottesville this past weekend is vehemently opposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, as your pastor, I want you to be assured that Eastminster denounces any form of white supremacy regardless of its label, and will always denounce any ideology that seeks to oppress persons due to race. Our Lord’s death secured the salvation of men and women from every tribe, tongue and nation. Therefore, all forms of racism set themselves up against the glorious gospel of grace and will not be tolerated by God or by Eastminster Church. Below I have posted two articles I have found to be helpful to the church at large. Please take the time to read them so that the Spirit may help us to be agents of reconciliation in this time of social and political unrest.

#Charlottesville, The Christian Response, and Your Church's Call by Ed Stetzer from ChristianityToday.com >>

The FAQs: What Christians Should Know About the Alt-Right by Joe Carter from TheGospelCoalition.org >>

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