A Call to Prayer, Fasting and Repentance


Dear Eastminster family,
I wish you a happy New Year, but that is an empty wish unless the Spirit is involved. Therefore, starting this week, I am calling the congregation to a season of prayer, repentance and fasting. I do so, because the Lord responds to our prayers, repentance and fasting. Often such spiritual practices are accompanied by a move of his Spirit. Without the Spirit at work in our lives, the church lacks the power to accomplish what God has given it to do. In our personal lives, we remain in bondage to sin, to destructive behaviors and to relationships that stagnate or regress.

I am asking every person who considers Eastminster their church to practice repentance, set aside special times of prayer, and to fast in some way. We will do this for a period of 21 days – Sunday, January 7, through Sunday, January 28. The pastors in the citywide prayer movement are calling their churches to the same thing.

The Spirit’s work in our lives is dependent on such things and we cannot expect him to move in special ways, as long as life goes on as usual. If we want to see God work, we need to place ourselves and the church in a position where he is free and welcome and desired to work. Our prayers, our fasting and our repentance shows God we want him and intensely desire him to work.

If we want to see God work in our church, we must intensely desire it and repent. No strategy, plan, policy, theology or money can make up for a lack of God’s Spirit moving in our midst. J.I Packer once wrote, “The Spirit does not move where there is not much prayer.” Thus, the reason for my call to this special season in our church.

Hoping for God’s work in our midst,
Pastor Stan


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