Stories from Nicaragua

From Barry Blades: Pastor Stan has admonished us to embrace the Great Commission and “GO, to the end of the street and to the ends of the earth." Just two weeks ago, eight of us were blessed as we traveled to Nicaragua on a short-term mission trip.

MS Parent Letter: Lessons From Grandpa

Hey Parents,


As some of you may have noticed, Matt and I were not at church this last Sunday. This is because we drove up to Wisconsin and visited a little town called Melrose. We went to hear our grandpa preach his final sermon. He has been a pastor for more than 50 years, the last 30 being at Melrose Alliance Church. My brothers and I led worship for the service. It was incredible to sit in a full church and hear testimony after testimony of how my grandpa and grandma brought people to the Lord.

GO Story: Nicaragua Day 4 and 5

Buenos dias de Nicaragua!

We feel your prayers and continue to be noticeably surrounded by God's presence and protective angels. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Today we learned that in the Lord's prayer, there is this phrase: "Let your kingdom come" and that the meaning of this phrase is not referring to the second coming of Jesus (although this is important). The true meaning of this phrase is to ask that God's kingdom be present in our life and that we advance his rule wherever we are.

GO Story: Nicaragua Day 2 and 3

Praise be to God from your Eastminster family in Nicaragua!

The theme of our mission trip is to build relationships with the girls at the Villa, the local community, and each other.  Each day we drink deeply from God's Word in the morning as one team member leads devotions and seeks the Lord in prayer. We have each been moved as God leads our hearts gently to truth that inspires us throughout the day.  

GO Story: Nicaragua Day 1

The team arrived safely in Managua last night and was excited for our first full day at the Villa Esperanza.

After a delicious breakfast, we loaded the bus with the girls and attended a local Spanish-speaking church in Managua.  The worship was unbelievable as the whole team sensed the Holy Spirit moving in the room despite the fact that not everyone spoke the same language. The Pastor passionately preached on having a big faith, and the team agreed we don't want to be vessels of worry, but instead be vessels of deep faith (Matthew 8:5-10).