A Response to Charlottesville

On Thursday my son James will head to Charlottesville, VA, to continue his work as a field director and campaigner for a local politician. As a father, I want to bless my son, and call him to seek God’s face as he pursues his vocation. I also want him to know, along with my three other children, that what happened in Charlottesville this past weekend is vehemently opposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Beyond the Screen: Parenting in the Digital Age

The most common question I get from parents in my years as a youth minister often looks like this, “how do I monitor what my kid does on his or her phone?” My experience seems to suggest that many parents feel ill-equipped to keep up with the rapid changes in technology, social media and smartphones, and this has caused a great deal of anxiety. According to the latest Pew research, the average teenager has 3.5 personal digital gadgets and spends 10.5 hours per day in mediated screen time. It would seem the logical conclusion is that they are obsessed with all things technological.

August 2017 Elder Update

Good morning, everyone. My name is Rob Ramseyer, one of the elders here at Eastminster. We truly have some good news to report today.

Our fiscal year ended on June 30 and I am happy and thankful to report that the positive trends we reported to you this spring continued.  

We were pleased to see that we took in more than expected, and spent less than expected. Both are very good things and resulted in a total excess of $72,396.

MS Parent Letter: Life in Color

Hey Parents,

The summer retreat is here! We have a HUGE group going out to Westminster Woods. I’m so excited for a week of camp with these kids and am praying that God acts in powerful ways!


If your son or daughter is going on the retreat, make sure to check out the parent letter and the packing list.


HS Parent Letter: Pre-Threads



Summer retreats are around the corner! Mike and I were chatting the other day, and between the two of us, we have directed a total of 36 retreats after this summer! It seems crazy when I think back to all the themes, talks, night games, dance parties, volleyball tournaments, and moments when God moved people to surrender their lives to Jesus. There is no question this upcoming week is a highlight of my year.

The Refugee Crisis: How We're Helping

by elder Susan Lear
Caught in the crossfire of conflict and crisis, millions in the Middle East have been forced to flee their homes, their schools and everything familiar. Their former lives have been left behind in the desperate search for refuge; their futures are unknown and frightening. Thanks be to God, because of your generosity, Eastminster’s World Mission Council recently responded again to the growing concern for this humanitarian crisis with a designated gift of $25,400. The funds were sent to: