HS Parent Letter: Palm Sunday Reflections

Hi parents,


Quick reminder that we do not have youth group or Sunday school this Sunday due to Easter, but we hope your family has a wonderful time worshiping together! Also, we have a Good Friday service tonight at 7, and we hope to see you there.


MS Parent Letter: Vlog Edition

Hey parents,

Your eNews is coming all the way from Scottsdale, Arizona! Kelsey, Dwayne and I are enjoying a few days of rest and relaxation. I decided to record a vlog for this week’s update.

eNews March 31 from Mike Jaderston on Vimeo.


HS Parent Leter: Youth Ministry Culture


As we move closer to Holy Week I am encouraged by how our seniors have been taking initiative in sharing their faith with younger students. Last week one of our seniors, Megan Kinnane, shared her heartfelt testimony that had an incredible impact on our younger students. The seniors have taken it upon themselves to share their stories throughout the rest of the semester, and what’s amazing to me is it was their idea. The Spirit is doing incredible things in the lives of our student leaders!


Causing a RIOT

Have you heard all the ruckus? We’re GOing with the gospel through serving refugees! Eastminster is partnering with the Oaks Baptist Fellowship, a local church made up mostly of Congolese refugees, to help families new to Wichita assimilate to American culture, learn English, find jobs and enjoy becoming part of the community. We’re focusing on three areas, each with their own challenges and opportunities, to serve these immigrant families: Teaching English as a second language, transportation (most refugees do not have a drivers license or vehicle) and helping to find employment.

MS Parent Letter: Spring Break

Hey parents,

Happy Spring Break!


Thanks to all who joined us at the Pure Truth event! Our fifth and sixth graders (and parents) had a great time learning about purity and God’s truth in the workshop.